ARM defines Enterprise applications as complete systems or subsystems that deliver networking connectivity and/or storage functionality. This includes home and business gateways, enterprise routers, Ethernet switches, wireless access points, base stations, multiservice provisioning platforms, hard disk drives, network attached storage and solid-state disks. Over the last 5 years, system designers for many of these tethered applications have started to consider the power efficiency with which these systems complete their tasks as opposed to absolute performance.
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With the availability of higher performance, multi-core capable processor cores and optimized performance enhancing Physical Logical IP, including Standard Cell Libraries from ARM's Physical IP Division, the breadth of these applications addressed by ARM technology has broadened. In addition, in an R&D budget challenged world, an industry standard ISA with a well-supported software and tools ecosystem enables product managers to deliver their products faster to market and conserve R&D dollars for developing value added and differentiated application specific features.



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