Parvus Zypad WR1100 (Military-targeted personal wrist computer)

Parvus Zypad WR1100 (Military-targeted personal wrist computer) Image (View Larger Parvus Zypad WR1100 (Military-targeted personal wrist computer) Image)

Description: The Parvus Zypad 'WR1100' is designed for harsh field conditions, where hands-free operation is a necessity. This military-targeted personal wrist computer is perfectly adapted for such an environment. Its 2006 predecessor was awarded the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award for "ambient intelligence", and this new, faster, and higher-resolution model, with greater memory capacity is better than ever. Now offered exclusively with Linux, it is aimed at military, homeland defence, first responder, security and emergency service field and in-vehicle operations. 

Its light weight fibreglass-reinforced nylon/magnesium alloy casing, resistant to water and dust ingress, protects the powerful technology within, which may include: Bluetooth radio or ZigBee short-range wireless, GPS receiver or GPRS cellular module, and options for an electronic compass and biometric finger-print sensor. The device also has an orientation sensor that detects when the arm is lowered and so switches to standby mode to conserve battery life. Revolutionary "tilt and dead reckoning" system is capable of determining if the user is motionless or fallen, and can automatically transmit a locator beacon signal.

ARM CPU: ARM Xscale Architecture Based

Silicon Supplier: Marvell PXA270 Processor

Operating System: Linux based on Kernel 2.6


  • Electronic Compass and GPS Receiver for Location Detection
  • Wireless Radio: WPAN (Bluetooth or ZigBee) and WLAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi)
  • Multiple I/O: USB Device and USB Host ports, as well as stereo audio and mono microphone interfaces
  • Color Display: High Visibility Color Display with Touch Screen and Automatic Contrast
  • Power Management: Li-Polymer Cells for Maximum Operating Time and Energy Conservation;
  • Modular, Hot-Swappable Battery Pack to Exchange Modules without Switching off Device
  • Shock Resistant
  • Accelerometer and Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • Processor: PXA 270 @ 416 MHz
  • Operating System: Linux based on Kernel 2.6  
  • Memory: 128 MB FLASH and 256 MB RAM
  • Expansion Slot: User Accessible µSD Memory Card Interface
  • Display: 640 x 480 Pixels (VGA) Color 3.5” TFT with Touch Screen
    Visible with Direct Sunlight
    Night Vision Compliant (optional)
  • Audio:  AC97 Codec Onboard Microphone with Noise Cancellation
    Onboard Integrated Speaker for High Noise Environment
  • Case:  Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon/Magnesium alloy
  • Weight:  645g (1.42 lbs)
  • Battery Pack: 3.6V Li-Ion Interchangeable (Hot Swappable) Battery Pack
  • GPS: 12 Channel Receiver with High Sensitivity; DGPS and SBAS (WASS, EGNOS) Support; Internal Antenna

Source: Parvus Products


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