Life Fitness Vivo

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Description: Life Fitness have developed an embedded computer to improve information flow between members, trainers, and management. Vivo is a tracking system which enables fitness instructors to not only tailor programmes, but capture specific personalised data.Launched earlier this year it is said to track the use of machines and offers gym managers, owners and users significant opportunities. It is said to aid retention, help reduce maintenance, boost the motivation of gym users, and even help local authorities to make successful bids for external grants. Future updates to the software will also ensure that the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for the government’s health agenda are met through personalised programmes.     


Silicon Supplier: Cirrus (EP9315 SOC)

Other: Applied Data Systems - ADS Sphere Single board system

RTOS: Microsoft - Windows Embedded CE RTOS     

Source: Microsoft Case Study


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