Bosch Tassimo Hot Beverage System

Bosch Tassimo Hot Beverage System Image (View Larger Bosch Tassimo Hot Beverage System Image)
  • Space saving design in a sophisticated color
  • Fully automatic one-botton operation
  • Large variety of high quality hot beverages: freshly brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot chocolate or tea right away
  • Intelligent drink identification bar code reader identifies the size of drink, brewing time, and precise temperature to make the perfect beverage
  • Variable drink strength: fully automatic brew cycle can be interrupted or extended at any time
  • Innovative flow heater system: ready to go the moment the machine is switched on and virtually no heat-up time between drinks
  • Low energy consumption: automatically reverts to stand-by mode after every brewing cycle
  • Innovative liquid milk technology

ARM Processor Family: Cortex-M Series

ARM Processor: Cortex-M3

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