ARM Trademark Use Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when referring to ARM's trademarks

ARM may update these guidelines and the ARM Trademark List from time to time. Please contact us if you have any questions about ARM's trademarks or you wish to report any abuse of ARM's trademarks.

You may use ARM's trademarks, product names, service names and other names in text to refer to ARM's products, services and related technology if you follow these guidelines and your use is accurate, fair and not misleading. Any goodwill generated by the use of ARM's trademarks inures exclusively to ARM Limited (or its subsidiaries).

Please refer to the ARM Trademark List for the current list of ARM trademarks, including appropriate trademark symbols and approved nouns. The ARM Trademark List only contains word trademarks. You may not use any ARM logo or copyright material without written authorization from ARM. Please refer to ARM Logo Permission Requests or ARM Copyright Permission Requests if you want permission to use an ARM logo or ARM copyright material.

Please follow additional guidance if you wish to use an ARM trademark, product name, service name or technology name in a presentation, publication or website.

Please refer to the Project Names tab below regarding ARM's project names.

Additional Guidelines

Key requirements for correct trademark use

  1. Trademark Symbol:
    • Always use the correct trademark symbol with the first or most prominent appearance of the trademark in the body of text. The correct symbol is provided for each ARM trademark in the ARM Trademark List.
    • You do not have to be use trademark symbols in headlines unless there is no accompanying text, in which case you must use it.
    • Use trademark symbols in superscript or subscript (i.e. or ®). However, you may use parentheses (TM) and (R) where this is not possible.
    • Do not use trademark symbols after any ARM product name, service name or technology name that is not an ARM trademark.
  2. Approved Noun:
    • Always use trademarks as adjectives, accompanied by an approved noun. A list of approved nouns is provided for each ARM trademark in the ARM Trademark List.
    • Never use a trademark as a noun, a verb, or in the possessive or plural form. Your use will probably be incorrect if the sentence does not make grammatical sense without the trademark included in it.
    • You do not need to use an approved noun after any ARM product name or service name.
    • Please note the special rule for referential use of ARM's trademarks in the tab entitled "Referential / Prohibited Use."
  3. Trademark Notice:
    • Always include the correct trademark notice for ARM's ownership of its trademarks in all materials. Suitable notices are provided for each ARM trademark in the ARM Trademark List.
  4. Never alter ARM's trademarks in any way:
    • Do not alter the spelling or form of ARM's trademarks by abbreviating them, creating acronyms, translating them, joining them to other words, symbols or numbers (either as one word or with a hyphen - unless otherwise permitted, e.g. ARM® Cortex®-A15), or using improper capitalization. However, permitted capitalization occurs when using an ARM word trademark in headlines, titles or text where all of the surrounding words are shown in uppercase characters. In this situation, you may use the relevant ARM trademark in uppercase characters, provided that such use complies with these guidelines.
  5. First use with the ARM trademark:
    • Where specified in the ARM Trademark List, always use the relevant ARM trademark preceded by the ARM word trademark in first use, e.g. ARM® AMBA®. You do not need to use the ARM trademark in each subsequent use of the relevant trademark.


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