Scalable and Low-Power Technology for any Embedded Market

ARM categorizes "Embedded" as all applications that use a microcontroller or microprocessor to execute dedicated tasks on its own or within a larger system. Examples include digital signage, household appliances, HVAC systems, engine management, smart metering platforms, touch-screen controllers, and motor control.

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Embedded Applications

in-vehicle infotainment
In-vehicle Infotainment

In-vehicle Infotainment

More about In-vehicle Infotainment

Mobile computing takes on a new meaning when you see the next generation of ARM powered designs. Learn how consumer electronics are melding with the automotive world.

Embedded Computing

More about Embedded Computing

System on Module (SOM) and Computer on Module (COM) proliferate on ARM Cortex-A SoC. These board-level solutions help you harness the complexity of sophisticated SoC.

General-purpose MCUs

More about General-purpose MCUs

MCUs are those programmable devices that have become computer in an integrated circuit. ARM has a wide range of partners that have created a comprehensive offering of solutions.

Smart Cards

More about Smart Cards

The Mobile Segment is a key driver for new technology in the smart card market in the form of the SIM. ARM has developed the SecurCore range of processors to address the specific needs of secure chip designers looking to create high-capacity, multi-application secure devices.

Smart Meter

More about Smart Meters

Smart meters are here to help save money. Being able to have time-of-use payment schemes will be the beginnings of the evolution of the smart home and smart appliances.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

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