The ARM University Program: For Educators

While there are a number of ARM-based academic resources, teaching aids, and development tools available, the ARM University Program makes recommendations based on your course/lab type. What kind of course/lab are you teaching?


NEWS: The ARM University Program announces new partnerships with Atmel and Rockchip.

The ARM University Program expands its global alliance partnership through new partnerships with Atmel and Rockchip. As a result, new Education Kits on a variety of topics including embedded systems design, IoT, graphics and mobile gaming design will be produced on cutting-edge Atmel and Rockchip’s hardware.



Course/Lab Type / Resources

Course/Lab Material Textbooks Development Boards Software Tools
Embedded Systems/MCUs
Microprocessor Systems/Applications
Mechatronics/Intro Robotics
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
SoC Design/Microprocessors in FPGAs
Computer Org/Architecture
Graphics Processing
OS Applications Development
Internet of Things

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