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Free performance analysis on the gem5 simulation platform for researchers

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As an active member of the gem5 project, ARM is committed to the success of this research and its application by the industry. ARM is not only directly helping in the development of the gem5 simulation platform for the ARM® Architecture, but also offering free access to the full capabilities of the ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer (a component of ARM Development Studio 5, DS-5) for project members. The tool has been selected by a group researchers to provide in-depth visibility to system models' software execution and PMU.

ARM Streamline for gem5 screenshot
Analysis gem5 system model output in ARM Streamline Timeline view

About gem5 

gem5 is a modular discrete event driven computer system simulator platform. It means that gem5's components can be rearranged, parameterized, extended or replaced easily to suit engineers' needs. It simulates the passing of time as a series of discrete events, and its intended use is to simulate one or more computer systems in various ways. Read more on gem5...

Who Is Entitled to Use It

ARM makes available to gem5 project members a special researcher license that unlocks Streamline features in DS-5 CE as per table below.

You are entitled to use the gem5 researcher license if you:

  • Are an active member of the gem5 project
  • Agree to only use Streamline to analyze the output of gem5 system models
  • Agree not to use this license for commercial purposes

What Is Streamline for DS-5 for gem5

Community gem5
System Analysis
Performance Counters



Process Trace



Annotation Log


Time Filtering


Multicore Drill Down


Installing Streamline for gem5

The ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer is a component of ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5), therefore the most convenient way to get Streamline is by downloading DS-5 Community Edition. Detailed instruction on how to download and install these tools are described here.

Extending my free gem5 researcher license

If you plan to continue using Streamline for gem5 project after September 30th 2013, just contact ARM's University Relations team and they will be able to issue long term licenses for your institution.



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