GNU Compiler


The GNU Compiler (GCC) is the entry level C/C++ compiler in DS-5.

Enhanced GNU Compiler

Pre-built and validated version of the GNU compiler for ARM Linux featuring enhanced support for the ARM architecture.

  • Improved support for the popular mixed 32/16-bit Thumb®-2 instruction set used on the ARM Cortex processors
  • Support for the latest ARM Cortex-A series processors - Cortex-A5, Cortex-A8, and Cortex-A9
  • Based on GCC 4.4.1

Example Projects

To enable you to quickly get started with Linux development, DS-5 includes a full Linux example that can be run on an ARM Versatile board or the integrated RTSM model of a Cortex-A8 SoC.


The prebuilt GNU Compilation Tools have been extensively validated to ensure correct operation, including:

  • Completed the FSF GNU Compiler Collection regression testsuite
  • Validation by building the ARM Embeded Linux examples


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