ULINKpro 5Volt Adapter - optional accessory

ULINKpro 5Volt Adapter - optional accessory Image (View Larger ULINKpro 5Volt Adapter - optional accessory Image)
The 5Volt (5V) Adapter enables ULINKpro to connect to 5V-only target devices.


  • Expands the I/O Voltage range to 1.5V - 5.5V to accommodate 5V-only devices
  • Supports JTAG and SW clock speeds up to 50MHz
  • Provides full speed data trace capture (SWV)
  • Supports instruction trace capture up to 400 Mbps using 4-pin ETM
  • Target Connectors
    • 10-pin Cortex debug (0.05 inch connector)
    • 20-pin Cortex debug + ETM Trace (0.05 inch connector)

The 5V Adapter replaces ULINKpro's standard 20-pin ribbon cable, and connects to either the 10-pin (Cortex Debug) or 20-pin (Cortex Debug + ETM) connectors on Keil evaluation boards.


  • The 5V Adapter is not included as standard with ULINKpro. It must be purchased separately.
  • The 5V Adapter is only required when working with 5V only devices.


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