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Socrates System IP Tooling

Rapid SoC Integration

ARM® Socrates IP Tooling enables hardware, software, and verification teams to deliver fully integrated System IP. It is the only fully integrated solution for use with ARM System IP. Socrates IP Tooling helps system designers to automate IP configuration and SoC integration, creating IP that is right first time, and in days instead of months.

Internal benchmarking has shown an 8x improvement in schedule when design teams used Socrates IP Tooling for the first time: Lessons from the field - IP/SoC integration techniques that work.

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The challenges of SoC integration

There are many problems facing teams producing today’s complex SoC designs. Creating initial SoC stitching or netlists can take weeks, or even months. Despite all this effort, many IP integration bugs are found through formal analysis or simulation, and some are never found at all. It is challenging to verify that IP is integration-ready, as many of these bugs relate to inconsistent IP configurations. Solving these problems can cause major delays to designs and the overall product delivery, leading to losses in revenue and a huge rise in costs.

Highly dependent system IP, such as interconnect and debug, is also on this critical path in the design cycle, making the job of designing the SoC by non-experts very difficult. Out-of-date documentation and interoperability with EDA vendor tools can also cause issues integrating 3rd party or custom IP with the SoC design.

The ARM Solution - ARM IP Tooling, which ensures IP standardization, configuration, and intelligent integration.

Socrates Design Environment

The ARM Socrates DE standardizes, configures, and intelligently integrates IP with ARM IP to create a SoC. Architects and designers can standardize any IP into IEEE1685-2009 to be integration-ready, configure standardized IP, and intelligently integrate IP quickly and efficiently.

CoreSight Creator

ARM CoreSight Creator guides users through the configuration and creation of an optimized and viable CoreSight Debug & Trace subsystem. Its rules-based methodology removes the need for CoreSight expertise, and enables partners to generate a CoreSight subsystem in days, with minimal engineering interaction.

CoreLink Creator

ARM CoreLink Creator is a tool that guides users through the configuration and creation of an optimized and viable CoreLink Interconnect. Its rules-based design methodology generates IP components, stitches them together, and validates the top level.