CoreLink Multi-Cluster CPU Interrupt Controllers

CoreLink Interrupt Controllers Image (View Larger CoreLink Interrupt Controllers Image) The ARM® CoreLink™ Multi-Cluster CPU Interrupt Controller portfolio contains a range of interrupt management solutions to suit all Cortex processor systems.

The latest addition the CoreLink GIC-500 Generic Interrupt Controller is designed to support many clusters of Cortex-A57 or Cortex-A53 processors, managing and virtualizing up to 480 shared peripheral interrupt signals between up to 48 CPUs and supports message based interrupts.

The GIC-500 uses affinity level routing for large scalability, GICv3 architecture. This can be consolidated as one monolithic block or as a network of discrete re-distribution blocks to suit size and SoC layout. Message based interrupts may be sent direct to any re-distributor block in the affinity tree.

The CoreLink GIC-400 detects, manages, virtualizes and distributes up to 480 interrupts between up to 8 CPUs in Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 multicore clusters. You can configure the GIC-400 to support only the required number of CPUs and interrupts to reduce gate count.

The GIC-400 implements GICv2 Architecture, Security and Virtualization Extensions ARM IHI 0048B.

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Reference Description
GIC-500 A Generic Interrupt Controller that detects, manages, virtualizes and distributes interrupts using affinity routing between ARMv8 processors (Cortex-A57, Cortex-A53) in multicore clusters. Configurable up to 128 CPUs and 480 shared peripheral interrupts.
GIC-400 A Generic Interrupt Controller that detects, manages, virtualizes and distributes interrupts between A-Class processors (Cortex-A15, Cortex-A7) in mutlicore clusters. Configurable up to 8 CPUs and 480 interrupts.

CoreLink GIC-500

The CoreLink GIC-500 uses affinity routing for scalable support of message based interrupts. 

CoreLink GIC-500

CoreLink GIC-400

An example Cortex-A15 system showing GIC-400 interrupt handling.

CoreLink GIC-400


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