CoreLink Memory Controllers

Best-in-Class Performance on AMBA Interfaces

ARM® CoreLink Memory Controllers provide efficient access to shared off-chip memories, including DRAM, critically influences system performance, power and cost. CoreLink™ Dynamic and Static Memory Controllers deliver best-in-class performance and power for AMBA AXI and AHB based Systems-on-Chips. Designed for optimal efficiency with ARM Cortex® (A,R,M) and Mali™ processors and CoreLink Network Interconnect.

The CoreLink 400 series introduces the 4th generation, multi-channel, dynamic memory controller (CoreLink DMC-400) which significantly enhances memory bus utilization and processor performance through QoS mechanisms shared with the CoreLink 400 interconnect products (NIC-400 and CCI-400).

The CoreLink 500 series introduces the 5th generation, CoreLink DMC-520 Dynamic Memory Controller which is specifically designed to provide an optimal solution for enterprise applications including servers and network infrastructure. The CoreLink DMC-520 provides a high-bandwidth interface to shared off-chip memory, such as DDR3, DDR3L and DDR4 DRAM. Enterprise class RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) features such as ECC for x72 DRAM, TrustZone security and End to End QoS are integral components of this new memory controller. CoreLink DMC-520 uses the DFI interface to enable integration with industry standard 3rd party PHYs.

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Dynamic Memory Controllers and Static Memory Controllers

CoreLink Dynamic and Static Memory Controllers provide the ideal interface to off-chip memory for systems with Cortex™ and Mali™ processors. Designed, verified and benchmarked in conjunction with ARM processors and AMBA interconnect products, they enable designers of ARM processor-based systems to implement the optimal digital highway for their application.

The diagram below shows a CoreLink DMC-520 in a CoreLink CCN-508 system:

There are also controllers for the ARM AMBA AXI and AHB bus protocols, providing interfaces to the dynamic and static memories used in AMBA3 AXI and AMBA AHB designs.

CoreLink Memory Controllers:

  • Deployed by more than 70 licensees into a wide range of applications including mobile, consumer, networking and embedded products.
  • Provide low risk, high efficiency off-chip memory interface for ARM processor-based SoCs.
  • Service requests from multiple low-latency and high-bandwidth masters in conjunction with AMBA Interconnect to ensure Quality of Service
  • Order memory transactions to maximize utilization of the memory bus
  • Manages memory accesses and power modes to provide optimal energy efficiency

4th Generation DMC-400 Interfaces to LPDDR2 and DDR3

The CoreLink DMC-400 Dynamic Memory Controller provides support for multiple channels to interface to the full specification of either DDR3, DDR2 or LPDDR2 DRAM. The DMC-400 offers excellent integration with the CoreLink 400 interconnect products (CCI-400 and NIC-400) via AMB3 AXI or AMBA 4 interfaces, sharing QoS mechanisms and power management.

3rd Generation AXI Memory Controllers Interface to DDR2, LPDDR, DDR, NAND Flash, NOR Flash and more

CoreLink Memory Controllers are designed to work with industry standard interfaces to ensure easy integration into systems. ARM deeply engages with the bodies and consortiums defining those standards including JEDEC, SPMT, MIPI and DFI.


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