System IP

ARM System IP provides solutions for building effective SoCs

CoreLink Interconnect

CoreLink Interconnect provides AMBA on-chip connectivity for components implementing any combination of AMBA interfaces.
Cache Coherent Network Family
Cache Coherent Interconnect Family
Network Interconnect Family

CoreSight Debug and Trace

ARM CoreSight products deal with debug and trace components such astrace macrocells for ARM processors, system and software instrumentation and a comprehensive set of IP blocks to enable the debug & trace of the most complex, multi-core SoCs.

Cordio Radio Core

Cordio Radio Core IP provides on-chip radio connectivity for SoCs implementing wireless solutions for IoT. Cordio radio cores are the only fully integrated solution in the market with a hardware core and software stacks and profiles. These low-voltage, low-power cores are designed for optimal efficiency with ARM Cortex®-M processor family.


The ARM AMBA protocol is an open standard, on-chip interconnect specification for the connection and management of functional blocksin a System-on-Chip (SoC). It facilitates right-first-time development of multi-processor designs with large numbers of controllers and peripherals. AMBA promotes design re-use by defining common interface standards for SoC modules

CoreLink Memory Controllers

CoreLink Memory Controllers deliver best-in-classperformance and power for AMBA AXI and AHB based Systems-on-Chips.Designed for optimal efficiency with ARM Cortex (A,R,M) and Mali CoreLink Network Interconnect.

CoreLink System Controllers

CoreLink System Controllers for Level 3 Cache, DMA, Interruptand TrustZone are low-power, high-performance IP cores that perform critical tasks within the AMBA system. Designed for optimal compatibility with ARM processors, multimedia and System IP, they are the natural complement to the Interconnect and Memory Controller product lines.

ARM IP Tooling

ARM IP Tooling provides System IP Tooling to hardware, software and verification teams to deliver fully integrated ARM System IP. It is the only fully integrated solution on the market for integrating ARM System IP.

TrustZone Cryptocell

ARM TrustZone™ Cryptocell provides multi-layered hardware and software architecture combining hardware accelerators, hardware root-of-trust control with a rich layer of security software and off chip tools.

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Maximize system performance and power efficiency

Low Risk High Performance
Using the de-facto industry standard AMBA protocols, the CoreLink interconnect and peripheral IP is used by over 100 licensees in 1000’s of designs, giving you confidence that your design will be right first time. Whether it is lowest latency or highest bandwidth demanded by the processors, ARM CoreLink IP delivers outstanding efficiency to achieve the performance required with the lowest power and smallest area.
Low Power Leadership Faster to Market
The ARM architecture is a leader in low power. Minimizing data transfers using on-chip cache and maximizing the efficiency of off-chip memory transfers ensures the lowest system power profile at any performance point. Industry standard IP components and design tools for simpler configuration, integration & verification greatly reduce complexity and shorten design cycle times - enabling faster time to market.
Visibility Experience & Expertise
CoreSight Design Kits provide the most complete on-chip debug and real-time trace solution for the entire system-on-chip (SoC), making ARM processor-based SoCs the easiest to debug and optimize. ARM is uniquely placed to deliver system IP solutions from processors to pins. With design teams in processor design, interconnect, and memory controllers and PHYs, ARM has the skills and global support teams to deliver world-class on-chip digital highways.


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