CoreSight Debug and Trace

Gives System Visibility to All Developers

CoreSight, the ARM debug and trace technology, is the most complete on-chip debug and real-time trace solution for the entire System-On-Chip (SoC), making ARM processor-based SoCs the easiest to debug and optimize.

New CoreSight IP gives system visibility to all developers

Introduction to ARM CoreSight SoC-400

ARM CoreSight debug and trace technology offers a comprehensive solution for the entire SoC. CoreSight SoC-400 is a kit of parts that enables software developers and SoC designers to develop high-performance systems while decreasing development time and risks.

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Higher system performance and lower development time with CoreSight

CoreSight System IP enable embedded software developers and SoC designers to develop high performance systems (software and hardware) while decreasing development time and risks.

The CoreSight product portfolio which encompasses ARM Embedded Trace Macrocells is supported by ARM DS-5 Development Studio and Keil MDK, and over 25 other debug and performance analysis tools worldwide, giving product development teams the assurance that their product will be widely supported.

The Industry name for debug and trace Higher quality products
CoreSight technology is licensed by all major silicon providers, specified by leading OEMs across markets and used by hundreds of thousands of software engineers to develop, debug, optimize and maintain in the field ARM processor-based products CoreSight technology provides mission critical on-chip visibility to industry developments tools enabling embedded software, system and hardware engineers to develop higher quality and performance software and platforms.
Higher productivity and lower risk development A scalable, cost effective debug and trace SoC solution
Using CoreSight trace macrocells (e.g ETM), software and hardware developers can identify real-time software or hardware defects and quickly resolve them, ensuring higher productivity and lower risk developments. CoreSight technology provides a scalable debug & trace solution able to address all markets from multi core Cortex-A class platform to low cost Cortex-M platforms.
Universal tool support An open architecture
CoreSight debug and trace is supported by ARM DS-5 Development Studio and more than 25 tools vendors worldwide and locally (see Tools Support tab). The CoreSight architecture is an open architecture, enabling Partners to leverage the ARM solution and plug-in their own debug and trace components.


A CoreSight System IP Diagram with DS-5 and JTAG 


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