CoreSight for ARM11 & ARM9 Family Processors

CoreSight for ARM11 & ARM9 Family Processors Image
CoreSight™ for ARM11™ and ARM9™ family processors provide embedded software and application developers with all the on-chip debug and  real-time trace resources required to deliver optimized and cost-effective solutions for many of today's applications.

CoreSight Design Kit for ARM11 and ARM9

CoreSight Design Kits for ARM11 and ARM9 family processors provide a complete infrastructure for optimization and debug of ARM11 and ARM9 processor-based platforms, enabling Partners to develop higher quality product in shorter timescales.

The main benefits of CoreSight for ARM11 and ARM9 are:

  • Higher visibility through fewer pins
  • Powerful multi core interactive debugging with real-time visibility
  • Visibility of program execution on single and multi core SoCs
  • Re-use and standardisation

For more details on CoreSight benefits please refer to CoreSight On-chip Debug & Trace page


CDK-11 and CDK-9 Product Specifications

CoreSight Design Kit for ARM11 family processors (CDK-11) and ARM9 family processors (CDK-9) provide a complete solution for debug, trace and performance optimization for ARM11 based SoC. 

The CDK-11 and CDK-9 products contain:

CoreSight generic components

  • CoreSight Debug Access Port
  • CoreSight Embedded Cross Trigger
  • CoreSight Trace Funnel
  • CoreSight Embedded Trace Buffer
  • CoreSight Trace Port Interface Unit
  • CoreSight Instrumentation Trace Macrocell
  • CoreSight Serial Wire Debug
  • CoreSight Serial Wire Viewer 
  • CoreSight Integration Kit
  • CoreSight AHB Trace Macrocell

For more details on these components please refer to CoreSight SoC components section.

Dedicated ARM11 and ARM9 CoreSight deliverables


Processors supported

Product Supports
CoreSight for ARM11 (CDK-11)    


CoreSight for ARM9 (CDK-9) ARM926EJ-S™




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