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The TrustZone® Ready enablement program is designed to make it easier and faster to design the right security foundations into chips and devices while passing industry certifications. ARM has created a cohesive set of design blueprints, market requirements and checklists that provide a single design target for companies wanting to implement system wide security in their next platform.

The hardware foundations for simple and strong authentication

Smart connected mobile devices are increasingly used for a wide range of business, financial and entertainment uses. Authentication of the user to a remote Internet-based server is the first step for many applications or cloud-based services. Traditional authentication methods of username and password do not work very well for either the consumer who may have difficulty remembering complex passwords or the service provider (usually referred to as the relying party) who may need to factor in the risk that the password has been compromised. To answer these and other problems with passwords, the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance has developed new protocols that enable simple, strong authentication between the user, their device and the relying party.

Read the white paper: Securing the Future of Authentication with ARM TrustZone-based Trusted Execution Environment and Fast Identity Online (FIDO)


Security is an attribute of a system that requires careful design and attention to detail of hardware, software, services and manufacture. A well designed TrustZone technology enabled SoC is the ideal foundation for a Trusted Execution Environment and will provide a quick path to industry certification.

To make this process scalable and easier for developers ARM has created the TrustZone Ready Program that brings together industry security needs and translates them into system requirements and checklists. The TrustZone Ready Program is a simple Partner agreement that provides access to a comprehensive set of design blueprints, market requirements and checklists providing an essential design resource for ARM Partners wanting to implement system wide security in their next platform. 

You can find out more about the TrustZone Ready Program by viewing this overview or by contacting ARM and discussing the program in more detail. An overview of the TrustZone Ready Program can be found here.

The TrustZone Ready enablement program provides significant benefits for silicon partners and device manufacturers wishing to implement secure platforms. The program requires a simple Partner agreement, please contact your ARM sales office for details or email us on ARM-TrustZone-Ready@arm.com

The Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) protects security functions such as trusted applications or trusted boot from software attack. Global Platform, an international standards organization, has developed a set of standards for the TEE’s APIs and security services. The expectation is that the standardization of the TEE will lead to a thriving ecosystem for trusted applications that provide high value services and better user experiences.TEE Client API


The interface between the TEE and the Rich OS, called the TEE Client API, was standardized by GlobalPlatform in 2010. The TEE Internal API between the Trusted Application and the Trusted OS was completed in 2011.

A TEE can support multiple Trusted Applications developed by different providers that execute independently from each other. Trusted Applications are given controlled access to security resources and services via the TEE Internal API. Examples of TEE Secure services include key storage and management, cryptography, secure clock, Trusted User Interface.




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