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ARM Artisan® Physical IP delivers the most comprehensive and advanced physical IP solution in the industry.  Using ARM Artisan Physical IP enables efficient implementation of complex SoC designs. ARM is the oldest and most widely used provider of advanced physical IP products including; Logic IP, Standard Cell, Embedded Memory CompilersInterface IP and POP™ IP.  All of the Artisan physical IP products are specifically optimized for each foundry and process technology.  The IP provides:
  • Broadest coverage of process technology from 250nm to 14nm
  • Industry leading power, performance and area (PPA)
  • Rigorous silicon validation to ensure high yield SoC and low design risk
  • Optimized performance for each specific node and market application 
  • Advanced physical IP for 32/28nm, 20nm and 16/14nm FinFET 

More information on ARM’s Artisan physical IP is available on the ARM DesignStart™ portal.  DesignStart provides easy access to thousands of IP products online.  After a quick registration process, approved customers can browse, investigate and even download Artisan IP for evaluation. Click the link below to begin accelerating your design today.

ARM IP Download Available

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Industry Standard for Physical IP

ARM’s Artisan® Physical IP, viewed as the industry standard for implementing complex SoC design for over ten years, means tens of thousands of customer designs successfully implemented. These implementations span across fifteen different wafer process technologies and eighteen foundries. ARM Physical IP has been tightly integrated into ARM's Cortex™ ProcessorsSystem IP and Mali™ Multimedia Processors to deliver market leading implementations.


Advanced Node Process and IP Development

ARM focuses on having deep technical relationships with the technology leading process development organizations to ensure that our Artisan IP is ready on the latest process technologies when you are ready to start designing. ARM is currently working with TSMC, IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung on developing cutting edge 16/14nm FinFET physical IP solutions. By tightly coupling the development the process and the physical IP, ARM and our foundry partners are able to support early customer tape outs and production ready IP when the process is released.

Watch a video on ARM TV with ARM Fellow Rob Akien about ARM's investment in FinFET Leadership.  Rob breaks down the basic of FinFET technology and highlights some of the multiple test chips that ARM has taped out at multiple foundries over the last 3 years.

Find out about ARM and TSMC's partnership for 16FF platform IP and POP IP.

Learn more about ARM and Samsung's 14LPe FinFET Cortex-A7 processor test chip.

Learn more about ARM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES 14XM FinFET collaboration on a Cortex-A9 based design.

ARM has been actively developing on High-K, Metal Gate (HKMG) process technologies since 2008, and is currently developing our third generation platform at 20nm. No other IP vendor has such extensive silicon experience with HKMG technology.

Physical IP Design Enablement

ARM's Artisan Physical IP product, developed to be compatible with leading Electronic Design Automation (EDA) design tools, as well as established foundry and EDA reference flows.

ARM works closely with leading EDA partners for integration and optimization of ARM IP deliverables with the most advanced design flows. ARM directly collaborates with each partner in the development and validation of various design flows and methodologies, enabling successful path from Register Transfer Level (RTL) to foundry-ready GDSII.


Collaboration Examples

  • ARM processor-based Implementation Reference Methodologies (iRMs) enable ARM licensees to customize, implement, verify and characterize soft ARM processors. These iRMs for Cadence, Magma and Synopsys design flows enable a predictable route to silicon, and a basis for custom methodology development.
  • Common Platform Reference Flows are comprehensive and flexible solutions validated with ARM physical IP to ensure quality-of-results and ease-of-use. These flows highlight integrated solutions for timing, power, area, and signal integrity. For more information, please visit Common Platform.

Foundry Sponsored IP (FIP)

Several of ARM's foundry partners have chosen to fund the development of our Physical IP products and provide them free of charge to end user customers. This is the Artisan Free Library program that has been the most successful Physical IP online access program for over ten years. This unique model enables SoC designers to quickly obtain and fully utilize a large offering of ARM Physical IP. This IP can be accessed via DesignStart, ARM's IP E-Commerce portal. After a quick registration and approval process, customers can investigate, select and even download front end views for a wide variety of IP.


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