IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things requires solutions that allow for the creation of products adapted to the specific constraints of that market: security, power efficiency, standard-based communications and scalability.

ARM® provides software solutions and pre-integrated subsystems to enable its partnership to quickly design and deploy secure IoT nodes.

ARM - DesignStart

Looking for differentiation? Try a custom chip with ARM

Custom system-on-chips (SoCs) integrate a processor with analog functionality, creating smaller, lower cost and lower power chips than discrete alternatives. ARM provides the fastest path to custom silicon success – free access to proven, industry-leading IP and a wealth of trusted services.

mbed IoT Device Platform

The ARM mbed IoT Device Platform enables the creation, connection and management of IoT devices at scale.

Already adopted by more than 200,000 developers, it provides all the tools required for efficient and secure deployments of IoT nodes.

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CoreLink SSE-100 subsystem

This Cortex®-M based subsystem is a foundation to quickly create SoCs for the most simple IoT nodes.

It is optimized for use with ARM's most efficient processor, mbed OS, radio technologies and physical IP.

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CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem

This TrustZone® enabled subsystem brings new levels of security and power efficiency to constrained IoT nodes.

A pre-integrated and pre-verified solution, it offers the fastest route to silicon for designers using the ARMv8-M architecture.

The CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem is a component of the CoreLink SDK-200 System Design Kit.

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