SecurCore Foundry Program

The SecurCore® Foundry Program provides fabless design companies with a cost effective way of obtaining an ARM SecurCore SC100 processor design license to design smart card and secure IC application products and have their design manufactured via approved foundries in the program.

The SecurCore SC100 processor is designed and optimized to support smartcard, secure and tamper-resistant applications. The processor supports the ARM and Thumb® instruction sets, and includes an integrated memory protection unit and many specific security features. As such, the products created must often go through security certification and testing and must be shown to be secure both in their implementation and in the underlying design process, the design environment used and methodologies applied.

ARM requires companies participating in this program to comply with the security provisions outlined in ARM SecurCore Licensee Auditing Procedure. Complying with these provisions ensures maintenance of  product security and market value for licensees. In addition, prior to and after delivery of the SC100 processor, ARM is entitled to carry out on-site security audits to ensure that the systems and procedures comply with the provisions.

Members of the SecurCore Foundry Program also benefit from the ARM RealView Microcontroller Development Kit, which is ideal for developing the firmware that will run on smart cards. In addition, members gain access to ARM Physical IP solutions which provides members with ultra low-cost and low-power implementation via the  low-power platform – comprehensive IP designed specifically for performance-oriented, portable electronic devices.



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