ARM Provides Market Leading IP for Wearables

Innovation starts with ARM and the fast paced wearables market has been quick to leverage ARM’s low-power IP to enable the wearable technology revolution.

ARM industry-leading processor IP and other key building blocks enable a broad spectrum of devices. Already there are countless innovative ARM-based wearable devices in the market from the likes of Fitbit and Pebble as well as the more traditional OEMs such as Sony and Samsung.

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Enabling Rapid Wearable Innovation

The adoption of wearable technology is rapidly increasing and is poised to have a significant impact on daily lives. Getting the right tools and technologies into the hands of innovators is key to driving the boundaries of wearable product design.

Select the Right Wearable System Architecture

Wearable technology is a very diverse space spanning ultra low power fitness bands running for months on a single charge through to high-end graphically intensive headwear and every conceivable variation in-between. ARM is the industry's leading supplier of processor technology, unrivalled in offering the broadest range of processor cores to address the performance, power and cost requirements for the plethora of wearable devices.

The current portfolio of ARM IP delivers the attributes needed for basic, mid-range and high-end wearables. The below image shows how ARM Cortex-A and Cortex-M MCUs plus ARM Mali GPUMali DPU and Mali VPU can be assembled to support different product requirements.

 Wearable Systems Architecture

Accelerate the Innovation Cycle

ARM MBEDProviding innovators with rapid prototyping tools is essential when accelerating development time and the creation of working prototypes, thus speeding the innovation cycle. The ARM mbed™ platform brings a unique set of tools, resources and a flourishing development community that allows rapid prototyping for ARM-based devices. Silicon partners such as Freescale, NXP, Nordic Semiconductor and STMicroelectronics have joined the mbed community bringing extremely efficient and ultra low power Bluetooth capabilities – a fundamental building block of wearable technology and something that is already extensively used in many wearable technology devices today.

Join the mbed community to access tools and resources, this will help to speed up the development process and will allow developers to focus on the end application of the technology rather than having to work from the ground up on all of the fundamental building blocks.


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