Premium Mobile Experience

The 2016 Premium Mobile Experience

The premium mobile experience IP suite addresses the ever-increasing demands of end-users for their primary, always-connected smartphone capable of consuming, creating and enhancing any content. Starting in 2016, ARM and its partners will boost the mobile experience associated with use cases such as:
  • Immersive and sophisticated image and video capture, including 4K video content and higher
  • Console gaming-class performance and graphics
  • Productivity suites requiring fluid handling of documents and office applications
  • Natural language user interfaces capable of running natively on a smartphone

The premium mobile IP suite includes a Cortex® CPU, Mali™ GPU, CoreLink CCI and POP IP package for advanced 16nm FinFET+.

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Cortex-A72 - the Highest Performance ARM Cortex Processor

The ARM Cortex-A72 processor is based on the ARMv8-A architecture that delivers energy-efficient 64-bit processing whilst providing full backward compatibility to existing 32-bit software.

The Cortex-A72 processor delivers substantial new benefits:

  • Sustained operation within the constrained mobile power envelope at frequencies of 2.5 GHz in a 16nm FF+ process and scalable to higher frequencies for deployment in larger form factor devices
  • 3.5X the performance of 2014 devices based on the Cortex-A15 processor
  • Improved energy efficiency that delivers a 75 percent reduction in energy consumption when matching performance of these 2014 devices
  • Extended performance and efficiency when the Cortex-A72 CPU is combined with a Cortex-A53 CPU in ARM big.LITTLE™ processor configurations

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