Premium Mobile Experience

The 2017 Premium Mobile Experience

The premium mobile experience IP suite addresses the ever-increasing demands of end-users for their primary, always-connected smartphone capable of consuming, creating and enhancing any content. Starting in 2017, ARM® and its partners will boost the mobile experience associated with use cases such as:
  • Deliver a compelling virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) experience
  • Immersive and sophisticated image and video capture, including 4K video content and higher
  • Console gaming-class performance and graphics

The premium mobile IP suite includes a Cortex® CPU, Mali™ GPU, CoreLink™ CCI interconnect and optimized from 28nm process nodes to advanced 10nm FinFET.

Cortex-A73: More Efficiency, Performance and Headroom for Mobile SoCs

The ARM Cortex-A73 CPU is ARM's the most efficient and highest-performance mobile processor. The Cortex-A73 supports the full ARMv8-A architecture and is specifically optimized for mobile and consumer workloads. The Cortex-A73 improves sustained performance and power efficiency to deliver unparalleled next-generation user experiences into high-end mobile devices from smartphones to tablets, 2-in-1's, and clamshell form factors.

The Cortex-A73 processor delivers substantial new benefits:

  • Up to 30% more sustained performance in mobile power envelope than current Cortex-A72 devices
  • Up to 2.8GHz high-performance implementation in leading 10nm process technology
  • Provides 30% more power efficiency than the Cortex-A72 processor
  • The smallest premium ARMv8-A processor, enabling premium user experience at mass-market cost
  • The cortex-A73 with ARM big.LITTLE™ technology delivers improved scalable performance when paired with Cortex-A53 or Cortex-A35 processors

Mali-G71: A Step Change in ARM Mali GPU Performance 

The Mali-G71 is the latest and greatest offering in the Mali high-performance family of GPUs. Built on the brand new Bifrost architecture, Mali-G71 represents a whole new level of high-end mobile graphics capabilities whilst still maintaining Mali's position as a leading high-end GPU in the highly competitive GPU market. Mali-G71 based devices are expected to deliver 1.5x performance when compared to 2016 Mali-T880 based devices and to enable this, Mali-G71 brings in a range of efficiency improvements as well as including support for the latest APIs.

The Mali-G71 adds support for OpenCL2.0 with full HW coherency, enabling next generation of heterogeneous compute expected to benefit use cases like augmented reality and deep learning. In addition, the Mali-G71 is designed from the bottom up with support for Vulkan in mind meaning the games of tomorrow will be able to take full advantage of this brand new GPU.

CoreLink CCI-550 Enables a Fully Coherent GPU

All of the new premium mobile IP blocks from ARM have been designed in a system context for maximum efficiency and performance. The CoreLink CCI-550 interconnect is fundamental to enable a fully-coherent SoC and the increased efficiency of big.LITTLE technology. Both the system IP and software that enables big.LITTLE continues to mature as it becomes an essential part of the premium Android experience in the majority of the world's smartphones.  CoreLink CCI-550 also provides a foundation for heterogeneous compute offering full cache coherency between the Mali-G71 GPU and processors like Cortex-A73 and Cortex-A53. Hardware cache coherency enables higher performance GPU compute, more fluid and responsive applications such as augmented reality.

Improve Time-to-Market for FinFET Technology with POPs and Physical IP

ARM offers full physical IP platforms and POPs for FinFET technology that span from 16nm to 10nm, with 7nm in the works. Artisan POP™ technology is designed to achieve maximum performance and efficiency across the entire SoC.  The components are optimized for the latest 10 FinFET process technology and efficiency enhancements enable increased peak and sustained performance.  As the market leader in logic and memory compiler libraries, ARM has developed three generations of physical IP for FinFET technology.



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