Kopin Corporation Golden-i (Hands-free wireless computing)

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Description: Kopin recently announced the Golden-i, a hands-free, head-mounted computer. The Golden-i uses Kopin's award-winning 
microdisplay technology, wireless communication and voice activation software. Golden-i has been designed to use both conventional user interface methods such as touch screen, keyboard or wireless mouse as well as hands-free voice recognition. The head-mounted device (HMD) combined with a small hand-held unit is Kopin's initial concept in monocular display devices. The HMD provides hands-free communication and control which is ideal for industrial, medical and construction applications.

ARM Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 processor

Silicon Supplier: Texas Instruments OMAP dual processor


  • Provides users hands-free access to all digital information, broadcast programming and Internet services
    including real-time, full color D-1 high resolution streaming video over industry standard Bluetooth 2.0
  • Remotely waking a PC from practically any location, establish a Bluetooth, WiFi or cellular link through
    a host device, using the Kopin display view their PC desktop screen and have access to all PC applications,
    data files and services.
  • Remotely controlling up to seven other devices or networks at one time, serving as a hub between various
    host devices to which it is connected.
  • A mini-USB port and a removable Micro SD card slot capable of supporting up to 32GB on non-volatile solid state
  • The ability to read back to the user documents, e-mail messages, webpage content or similar text in most common languages


  • CyberDisplay® SVGA microdisplay
  • 32-bit native, componentized, Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 operating system
  • Texas Instruments' (TI) OMAP dual processor - 600 MHz ARM Cortex-A8, 400MHz DSP
  • Micron Technologies high-performance memories packaged in advanced stackable Package on Package (POP)
  • Nuance's VoCon3200 speech recognition software
  • Hillcrest Labs 6-axis, solid state real-time position tracker.
  • Mini-USB port and a removable Micro SD card slot capable of supporting up to 32GB on non-volatile solid state RAM.
  • Single 1200 mAh Li-ion battery

Source:  http://www.kopin.com/golden-i/technology/


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