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Internet of Things

More about the Internet of Things

This simple term covers a broad spectrum of applications. With any emerging market, key to success is in bringing solutions to market as quickly as possible, where system functionality can be modified in an agile manner. ARM’s focus is to enable this rapid pace of innovation by providing a breadth of proven IP business blocks, coupled with software modules and rich external ecosystem that accelerates deployment of connected platforms. This is true whether you are deploying the tiniest ultra-efficient connected sensor, a high-performance gateway or cloud platform.


More about Embedded

Intelligence is now integrated into such a wide range of everyday objects and this will broaden further over time. This intelligence helps to improve our daily lives and reduce reliance on the planet’s resources. With such a wide range of applications, it is vital to deliver a breadth of technology, coupled with a business model and tools that enable customers to optimize solutions for specific use cases.


More about Mobile

ARM and its silicon partners have led this market since the first GSM phones in the mid-1990s. ARM offers the key technologies needed to construct advanced smartphones, tablets and clamshells that feature application processor, cellular modem, near-field connectivity and sensors. ARM is focused at accelerating the pace of innovation and bringing the mobile computing type experience to the widest possible worldwide consumer base.


More about Wearables

Bands, smart watches and headgear is an exciting, dynamic market that is set to grow rapidly in the next few years. Energy efficiency, form factor and performance are absolutely critical factors and ARM’s heritage in mobile platforms means that this revolution is happening around ARM’s microprocessor, graphics processor, physical IP and software ecosystem.


More about Home

As you relax in your home in front of a TV, there is a greater than 80% probability that the content is appearing on an ARM based device. ARM provides the key technologies enabling consumers to access, enjoy, and interact with media-rich content across all screen types, anywhere, anytime whether that contents comes from conventional cable or satellite providers or newer over the top (OTT) services. ARM has the knowledge, products and partner eco-system to help quickly bring differentiated solutions to market.


More about Infrastructure

This segment captures the equipment that is used to store, stream and deliver content across networks to the client devices. ARM technology is the defacto standard in magnetic- and flash-based storage and is becoming increasingly prevalent in the networking infrastructure equipment including wireless access points, base stations and cloud-based servers.

ARM Educational Partnership

Aiming to develop an inspiring and high-performing education system

The ARM® Educational Partnership is designed to help member companies develop, optimize and align ARM ecosystem partners' support on educational products which are based on ARM architecture or licensed ARM technology. ARM will promote and support the organizations and products to provide the best education solutions for young kids.



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