Nerve 2013


Cambridge Corn Exchange & the Guildhalls




25 June 2013 - 27 June 2013



The real promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabled by ubiquitous internet connectivity and for anything to talk to anything (provided appropriate authentication, permissions etc). ARM will outline its view of the future and how ARM is at the centre of the "Internet of Things", driving data being processed in the cloud, delivered to mobile/devices in a useful way and feeding back into the "IoT." Warren will explore why widespread take up of IoT is imminent and the need for the right business ecosystem need to be in place and why we need common standards and clear ways to monetize data to truly make IoT a success. He will examine how some businesses are already benefitting from IoT solutions and how part of the challenge is that the benefits being offered to a consumer don’t outweigh the downsides. Finally, he will make the case for ecosystems and how IoT needs an industry that is diverse and skilled enough to meet/accelerate what is going to be the biggest dispersed network/ecosystem – a system that is several orders of magnitude more complex than the mobile ecosystem.

Cambridge Corn Exchange

Wheeler St



The complete Nerve 2013 3-day program can be found at http://www.itsnerve.com/.


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