Future of Wireless International Conference 2013


The Moller Centre




01 July 2013 - 02 July 2013



Staggeringly, just 30 years since the launch of cellular, over 6 billion people now have a mobile phone. Yet we may be on the threshold of a far bigger global shift in humanity’s use and application of wireless and communications. It’s now possible to connect large numbers of physical objects to the Internet and Cloud and give each of them an online digital representation. What really happens when every ‘thing’ is connected to the Cloud and by implication to everything else; when computers know where everything is and can enhance our perception and understanding of our surroundings? How will we interact with this augmented physical world in the future, and what impact will this have on services, infrastructure and devices? More profoundly, how might this change our society, business and personal lives?

In 2013, The Future of Wireless International Conference explores strategic questions about this “Internet of Things”. Come to hear informed analysis, gain insight, and establish new business connections at this un-missable event.

In his keynote talk entitled “Intelligence Everywhere”  Warren East, ARM CEO, will discuss the business opportunity and wider societal benefits promised by the internet of things and describe ARM's pivotal role in realising these. He will examine several key issues which will need to be resolved before this next wave of computing can really take hold, together with some of the approaches ARM is taking to address these, and present an optimistic view of the future awaiting both companies and individuals.


Moller Centre

Churchill College

Storey's Way



Warren East's keynote talk entitled “Intelligence Everywhere”  will be on Tuesday, 2 July at 14:45.

The full conference agenda can be found here.


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