Embedded Linux Application Development


Warwick University Science Park




19 December 2012


No time for this event GMT


Hitex is holding a one-day workshop that introduces embedded Linux development and focusses on ARM® based processors and the ARM DS-5 IDE.

The course uses ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5™).

DS-5 provides a full development environment for embedded Linux as a one-step installation running under Windows. DS-5 comprises a full IDE, cross compiler, debugger, profiler, hardware simulator and example applications. It has dedicated support for Standard Application Specific Devices based on ARM processors ( LPC300, SpEAR, iMX, OMAP, Sitara etc) and provides a unified end-to-end development toolchain. Skills learned using DS-5 are also applicable to other open source tools.

Hitex UK

Warwick University Science Park

Coventry CV4 7HS

Contents Summary:
  •  An Introduction to Linux and The DS-5 Toolchain
  • First Steps with DS-5 and Target Hardware
  • A First Application Hello GPIO
  • Introduction to the Linux OS
  • Device Drivers in Linux
  • Processes and Interprocess Communications
  • Debugging Code, Profiling and Performance Tuning
  • Sockets and TCP/IP

Refreshments and lunch will be provided.


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