Delivering Full-Featured Mobile Experiences on Mid-Range Devices


On Demand


Stefan Rosinger and Jakub Lamik


15:00 GMT



The mid-range mobile market is projected to exceed the number of premium smartphones and tablets beginning in 2015, with more than 580 million mid-range mobile devices expected over the next two years. This webinar will examine a suite of new ARM processor, graphics and video products optimized for power, performance and die size designed to power this growing market. Used together, this suite of IP will provide mobile developers with faster time to market and less design risk, and deliver to consumers premium features like virtualization, big.LITTLE™ processing and GPU compute at mid-range price points.

Walk away points:

  • Introduction to the Cortex®-A12 processor
  • Understanding of mobile workloads
  • Technical insights into design decisions for Cortex-A12
  • Introduction to the Mali™-T622 GPU
  • Introduction to the Mali™-V500 video processor

Presenters: Stefan Rosinger, Product Manager, Processor Division, ARM and Jakub Lamik, Graphics Product Manager, ARM

Stefan Rosinger is a CPU Product Manager for ARM. Stefan is responsible for managing Cortex-A class CPU products, such as the newly introduced Cortex-A12, ARM’s highest performance mid-range CPU; Cortex-A9, the current leader in mid-range smartphones and tablets, and future roadmap CPUs.  Stefan has been working at ARM since 2007 advising ARM’s international partner clients before taking on a product management role of ARM CPUs.

Jakub Lamik is a Graphics Product Manager for ARM. Jakub has spent several years working in the semiconductor industry, but still remembers days when he used to type J followed by a double quote to load his favorite game on his ZX Spectrum Plus. He has since moved from system programming to lead the design of low power 3D graphics accelerators.  Jakub is fascinated with visual computing, which he believes is really about "not rendering pixels".


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