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Shared Purpose by James F. Moore - ebook

"Shared Purpose" by James F. Moore

New eBook on Benefits of Shared Purpose in a Connected Community of Companies, Eight Lessons for Ecosystem Success

Over the course of the past few years a loosely-organized community of more than a thousand companies has overturned the tech industry. Their work is visible in smartphones, wearable sports and health monitors, thermostats that get to know our lives and cars that can prevent crashes.

The author, James F. Moore, former Fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Center, is an expert on leadership and strategy in large-scale businesses and social networks. He was given open access to the community and chronicled their story through the voices of its people.

He discusses how collaboration and sharing are fueling successful multi-industry business ecosystems. Q&A with Segars.

Partner Perception

"In the end [NVIDIA] might be helping our competitors to a certain extent. But we are also making it possible to create a product that is kind of amazing."

Phil Carmack, Head of Mobile, NVIDIA, on meeting with ARM CEO, Warren East, to discuss improvements to the Cortex™-A9

Shared Purpose can also be downloaded for Kindle

Lessons and summary in terms of who is mentioned in the book

  • Lesson 1: Demand disruption - The story of how and why Facebook connected with AppliedMicro and Calxeda. Red Hat shares its opinion of open source ecosystems.
  • Lesson 2: Explore beyond the edge - From Bill Gates' speech on world power efficiency to ARM power-efficient innovations in the server business with Dell. Includes views on ARM and Dell’s joint collaboration in the server industry.
  • Lesson 3: Reach to everyone - DIY Drones' revelations on technology development, Freescale shares their success story and the benefits from ecosystems.
  • Lesson 4: Wrap an ecosystem around every product and service - Examines four distinct ecosystems: ARM’s joint partnership with NVIDIA (product optimization); AMCC (secret project); Linaro (new open source); and, Xilinx (partnerships).
  • Lesson 5: Draw deeply from science and engineering - Deeply involved in education and science research with Synopsys, SOI Consortium, Nanoelectronics Research, College of Nanoscale, and UC Berkeley EE..
  • Lesson 6: Take just enough - Mentor Graphics CEO Wally Rhines reviews open ecosystems; an interview with ARM CEO designate Simon Segars about ARM partner-favorable policies and culture.
  • Lesson 7: Open it - ARM CEO Warren East expresses about maintaining openness and independence in the community. Cadence shares its view on ecosystems while Samsung and Telecom discuss trends in ecosystems which highlight the third generation of business ecosystems are evolving together in the growth of the Connected Community.
  • Lesson 8: I thou - ARM executives reveal how they see people as 'ARM shaped', the importance placed on work measurements and competency in the job.


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