How to Reduce the Bill of Material Costs with Digital Signal Processing

The need to decrease the bill of material (BOM) costs in embedded products is being driven by the need for high volume, low-cost sensor systems. As IoT devices become more sophisticated, they require developers to utilize digital signal processing (DSP) to handle more features within the product, such as device provisioning.

In this paper, we will examine how DSP can be used to reduce a product’s cost.


How to reduce the bill of material costs with digital signal processing

You will learn:

  • The technology trends moving data processing to the edge of the network to enable more compute performance
  • The benefits of digital signal processing, including decreased product dimensions, product flexibility, shorter design cycle and in-field adaptability
  • How to convert analog circuits to software using modeling software such as MathWorks MATLAB or Advanced Solutions Nederlands (ASN) filter designer
  • How to select the right DSP processor solution to benefit from reduced BOM costs
  • The capabilities and features of the Arm Cortex-M processors with DSP extensions to help you get your signal processing application running as quickly as possible