Bring Mobile Experiences to Life with 2nd-Generation Total Compute Solutions

Discover how Arm’s new second-generation Total Compute Solutions are advancing all consumer device markets, from premium laptops and smartphones to XR wearables and DTVs. Join this webinar to learn about the new IP and upgrades to Arm’s Total Compute Solutions, alongside the latest security, software, and tool support for developers. We also discuss key compute workloads and use cases, including advanced gaming and ML acceleration, and how the different solutions deliver compute for the very best user experiences.



  • Overview of Arm’s Total Compute strategy for consumer devices and an introduction to the latest second-generation Total Compute Solutions.
  • New IP and upgrades across the Total Compute Solutions, including the second-generation Armv9 CPUs and new Arm flagship Immortalis-G715 GPU.
  • New security enhancements built into the Total Compute Solutions.
  • Software and tools for developers, including Arm Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP).
  • How second-generation Total Compute Solutions accelerate compute across advanced gaming and ML use cases.
  • Live Q&A