Deliver Unleashed Gaming Performance with the Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU

The new Arm flagship GPU, Immortalis-G715, is designed to enable the very best gaming experiences on next-generation flagship smartphones. Click below for a detailed examination of the latest graphics features made possible by Immortalis-G715, including hardware-based ray tracing support for more realistic and immersive mobile gaming experiences. 

Also, learn about key improvements and enhancements across the latest range of Arm GPUs that make them the highest performing, most energy efficient to date.


  • Introduction - Immortalis-G715: Arm’s new flagship GPU.
  • New graphic and gaming features, including hardware-based ray tracing support through Immortalis-G715 and variable rating shading across all the new Arm GPUs.
  • Performance, efficiency, and ML improvements and graphics enhancements across all new Arm GPUs.
  • The latest developer support and optimizations beyond the IP, including resources and tools for to enable the best application experiences.
  • Q&A