A Cleaner Cloud

How Developers Can Cut Costs and CO2 from Cloud Operations

A Cleaner Cloud

Computing architectures are in the midst of a once-in-a generation change. To accommodate data-intensive workloads like video streaming and CDN, cloud operators are experimenting with new processors, storage technologies and system designs to keep a lid on power and cost while delivering the performance levels demanded by their customers.

Adopted by cloud service providers such as Oracle, Cloudflare, and AWS, Arm Neoverse has helped customers increase the price performance of cloud services by 40%. Arm Senior Director Eddie Ramirez will discuss the technology and architectural advantages that allow Neoverse to cut power and cost out of cloud operations, the growing software community around Neoverse and how customers are making the transition in a week and sometimes in an afternoon.

Eddie Ramirez will also discuss specific customer examples.

This webinar will highlight:

  • Arm's Neoverse Platform, a scalable, secure, cost and energy efficient Cloud-to-Edge infrastructure technology solution.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software ecosystem, that enable and optimize your application development and deployment on Arm based infrastructure.
  • Success stories with large hyperscale data centers.