How The Emerging Compute Continuum Drives Edge Computing

This Forrester Predictions report identifies 2020 as a tipping point for edge computing, driven by the rise of 5G cellular networking, maturing cloud models and relentless improvements in hardware and software as part of a maturing Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure that now supports any application.

But if 2020 is the breakout year for edge computing, it’s not been an overnight success. Rather, it is the product of several years’ work as the Arm ecosystem coalesced around hardware and software standards, greater technology choice and end-to-end security capable of supporting a robust platform to democratize compute. The system we see evolving is far more dynamic than before: It’s a compute continuum rather than a cloud-dominated architecture.

This report looks at five Forrester predictions for 2020 in the edge computing space. Learn why it’s time to step up investment in Edge Computing.