Consumer Demand for PC Form Factors

A rebirth of innovation in personal computing is underway, driven by the mobile experience. More than a decade into the smartphone revolution, users now demand more in their laptop experiences based on what they’ve grown to like on their mobile devices. Features such as instant-on, day-long battery life and always-connected functionality are migrating to the laptop form factor. Consumers are also more interested in using some of their most popular applications more often on laptop factors on models that carry the new features.   

consumer demand for pc form

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  • What is the primary type of computer people use to do most of their work (productivity) related tasks?
  • How easy it is to find an Internet connection for Windows PC/Mac/Chromebook or Tablet when its needed?
  • Various concerns people have when they work from a public place to use WiFi. 
  • How often people use their smartphone as a hotspot to connect their PC/Mac or tablet to the Internet?
  • Which Smartphone features people wish they had on PC/Mac as well? 


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