How 5G And Edge Computing Advance IoT Value

This Dynamic Duo Dramatically Expands IoT Insights and Speed

A new era has dawned for the Internet of Things (IoT), one that combines the power of 5G and edge computing to deliver more efficient compute capabilities at the edge bring enormous opportunity to innovators.

This new Forrester report lays it all out. It’s as much a look to the future as a statement on the present. The report highlights survey results that indicate:

  • Nearly half the respondents either have or will deploy 5G technologies in their businesses in the next 12 months. Wholesalers, high tech firms and transportation companies are among the most engaged at roughly 60 percent each.
  • Respondents see edge computing as giving them the flexibility to handle artificial intelligence demands, to ease connectivity and networking costs and to solve the complex compute problems that the explosion of IoT endpoint devices brings.

This Forrester report charts the way forward, identifies the possibilities for business empowerment and offers recommendations on how companies can approach edge and 5G to transform their own businesses.