Ethical Business Practices

Arm’s strength is the caliber of its people, and how we conduct business - fairly, openly, and with integrity. The foundation of Arm’s approach to ethical business is our Code of Conduct, which includes our Human Rights Policy.

We affirm our commitment to responsible business practices in four key areas:

Our Governance

As Arm is a subsidiary of SoftBank Group, overall governance responsibility exists at Group level. The Arm Board is responsible for the overall conduct of Arm’s business.

Authority for the day-to-day operation of the Company is delegated to the Executive Committee. The Audit Committee, supported by Internal Audit, provides independent oversight of business activities; the Compliance Committee, ensures that all necessary compliance issues are resolved and that policies are appropriate to the needs of the business.

To ensure our approach to compliance is as relevant as possible, Arm considers the most recent legislation, regional regulations, and industry best practice guidelines:

  • Environment: Everyone at Arm must take reasonable steps to reduce the business’s environmental impact, taking account of effects on this as part of their decision-making process.
  • Donations: Arm does not make any political donations.
  • Human Rights: Arm has signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we have integrated relevant human rights principles into our policies for employees and contractors.
  • Whistleblowing: Arm operates a confidential whistleblowing procedure through which individuals can report concerns about regulatory and/or policy violations or any unethical business practices without fear of retaliation.
  • Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption: Arm’s approach is set out in our Code of Conduct and our Anti‑Bribery and Corruption Policy. We also provide guidance and training to employees to ensure compliance. Every employee at Arm—whether established, new, or temporary—must review our Code of Conduct and confirm that they have acknowledged and understood all policies that may apply to them. This includes reviewing newly introduced policies and changes that have been made to existing ones.
  • Inclusive Language Commitment: Arm is committed to making the language we use inclusive, meaningful, and respectful. Our goal is to remove and replace non-inclusive language from our vocabulary to reflect our values and represent our global ecosystem.

Our People

We operate in a highly competitive, fast moving, and knowledge-based industry where the quality, engagement, and development of our people is the basis of our success. That is why we constantly assess, refine, and build on initiatives designed to advance workplace transparency, diversity, and professional growth.

Even before our recruitment begins, our global intern program is specifically designed to build key skills for our future workforce. As well as helping to develop potential young talent at Arm, the intern program also meets our corporate responsibility goals of motivating and inspiring young people in science, technology, engineering and math.

Other initiatives include:

  • Career workshops to support people in planning their career
  • An online career development toolkit with accountabilities, personal objectives, feedback and logbook
  • Voluntary, employee-led affinity groups – such as the Women’s Network, Pride Network (LGBTQ+ and allies), Black at Arm, Neurodiversity, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion, and Returners to Work – which provide a space for discussion and around challenges and opportunities
  • “In conversation” sessions with general managers and “ask me anything” sessions with the CEO and senior leaders
  • Active engagement and training around diversity and inclusion

Our Communities

Team Arm is our employee community engagement programme, giving our people the opportunity to use their skills, passion and expertise to take action on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development through volunteering, campaigning and fundraising. Everyone at Arm can use a minimum of one day per year to get involved. Examples include:

  • Participation in FIRST Tech Challenge – a global non-profit inspiring young people about their potential within Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through robotics competitions
  • Company-wide volunteering days with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and UNICEF, enabling colleagues to work together to put remote parts of the world on the map
  • Sponsorship of The Tech in San Jose, a family-friendly interactive science and technology center
  • Partnership with Age UK, enabling colleagues from our UK offices to volunteer as telephone befrienders for the elderly and isolated
  • Collaboration with Let’s Endorse, a digital community of social innovators, enabling our colleagues in Bangalore, India to provide support to local schools based on the most pressing needs

Our Supply Chain

Arm’s Supplier Code of Conduct describes our corporate responsibility requirements for our suppliers, and addresses the following areas:

  • Business integrity
  • Sourcing conflict-free minerals
  • Fair business and competition
  • Whistle-blower protection and anonymous complaints
  • Health and safety
  • The environment
  • Proprietary information and IP
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