Introduction to Programming Using MicroPython

A hands-on introduction to the programming concepts of MicroPython through project-based learning (PBL).

Course Aim

This programming course covers the foundational computational techniques required for 14-16 Computer Science in the UK. It also introduces learners to the key STEM topics of iterative development, abstraction, decomposition and creative problem solving through project-based learning. Learners will be immersed in a series of projects which involve rapid team-based development of a solution to meet specified criteria.


Course structure

Intro to programming (lessons 1-6)

  • Getting started and baselining 
  • Images, variables and functions
  • Event handling and buttons
  • Variables, selections and incrementing a stored value
  • Healthy eating quiz machine project (2 lessons) 


Sound Sensors and Crypto Second (lessons 7-12)

  • Setting up a speaker, module and music
  • Making the micro:bit speak
  • Random number and encryption
  • Gestures and movement
  • Directions and compass
  • Acceleration and the accelerometer


micro:pet (lessons 13-24)

  • Storage and files
  • The machine module
  • The temperature sensor
  • Light level readings
  • LEDs and classes
  • Radio (2 lessons)
  • Using all the pins and touch responses
  • Servo motors (2 lessons)
  • Advanced micro:pet project (2 lessons)


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