International Computing Course with micro:bit

A comprehensive introduction to STEM learning using a blended project-based approach. This course covers elements of Computing, Engineering, Electronics, Business and ICT, delivered using micro:bits and some peripheral electronics hardware.

Course Aim

This course introduces learners to the key STEM topics of physical computing, sensors, programming and Internet of Things (IoT) through project-based learning. Learners will be immersed in a series of projects which involve rapid team-based development of a solution to meet specified criteria.  


Learning Outcomes

  • Learners will demonstrate relevant and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principals involved in the course
  • Learners will effectively apply the principles and concepts using sustained analytical and evaluative thinking and practice in order to solve a range of problems
  • Learners will demonstrate their ability to apply knowledge and understanding to solve substantial problems in an efficient manner
  • Learners will collaborate successfully with their peers and demonstrate effective communication as well as efficient and effective teamwork

Course Structure

  • Grade 5 – Introduction to micro:bit - 40 lessons
  • Grade 6 – IoT and Robotics - 40 lessons
  • Grade 7 -  micro:python – 40 lessons


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