Computational Thinking Tasks

Providing complete coverage of all the GCSE Computer Science Computational Thinking techniques, this resource contains lots of interactive activities to reinforce understanding to prepare learners for exams.

Resource Aim

To improve the learner’s ability to think computationally. This resource is designed to prepare learners to answer computational questions in the form and complexity that would be expected for GCSE Computer Science examinations.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learners will be more confident in applying the fundamental computational techniques to understand, analyse and solve problems
  • Learners will be practised in answering exam-style questions on computational problems


Resource structure

These resources consist of a set of code problems with associated questions in the exam style of GCSE Computer Science. These resources can be used in many ways but are best used as part of a discussion exercise with a class. Learners analyse and evaluate the code, then step through the code before answering the exam-style questions. 


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