Smart Schools on Arduino

A collection of accessible and engaging projects for teachers and learners that utilise the more advanced features of Arduino in real-world contexts.

Resource Aim

To introduce learners to Arduino and Physical Computing and the Internet of Things, through engaging hands-on, real-world projects.


Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what the Internet of Things is, and how it is enabled by embedded systems
  • To understand how to connect electronic components to create physical computing projects
  • To understand how Arduino devices and peripherals can be applied to solve real-world problems
  • To understand the basics of data analysis and machine learning using Python

Resource Structure

The course is a series of individual projects that build in complexity. The resources are split across Key Stages (3-5) with 3 projects per key stage.

  • Key stage 3 (Middle School) - ages 11-14
  • Key stage 4 (High School) - ages 14-16
  • Key stage 5 (Seniors) - ages 16-18
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