Platform Security Solution for Devices with Strict Power and Area Constraints

The Arm CryptoCell-300 family of embedded security solutions serves high-efficiency systems with a small footprint and low power consumption. The CryptoCell-300 family offers platform security and cryptographic services targeting multiple threats across various IoT domains, such as home automation, industrial utilities, healthcare, and other Arm Cortex-M processor applications.

CryptoCell-300 complements TrustZone for Armv8-M, and together they form a secure processing environment to help reduce the attack surface and isolate sensitive assets and processes from potentially malicious application code. 

Features and Benefits

Built for Devices with Strict Power and Area Constraints

An enhanced hardware-based security infrastructure built for constrained devices. Its rich set of security services addresses threats on silicon and at the device level, during development, manufacturing, deployment and throughout the lifecycle of the product.

Power and Area Optimized

Focused on power and area optimization, targeting resource constrained devices (typically Cortex-M based systems) in cost-sensitive markets. Its improved energy consumption is critical to battery operated devices.

Highly Efficient Cryptographic Acceleration Engines

Allows the offloading of cryptographic tasks from the CPU to an optimized dedicated hardware logic. It improves performance, helps reduce power consumption, and enhances security with cryptographic engines including symmetric ciphers, hashing functions, asymmetric cryptographic schemes, and random number generation based on a true source of entropy.

More Features
IP protection and image verification 

Enforces code authentication and code confidentiality, during boot (secure boot) or FOTA update. CryptoCell allows an image owner to deliver code to the target device, in the field or on the manufacturing floor, signed and encrypted.

Support for a fragmented ecosystem 

Minimizes the level of interdependency and required trust between different stakeholders in the supply chain. CryptoCell offers separated roots-of-trust for silicon and device manufacturers, allowing each party to securely manage its own assets and IP without having to reveal them. 

Authenticated debug 

Allows silicon and device manufacturers to grant ecosystem partners specific debug permissions. CryptoCell enforces the debug policy, which can be defined differently according to the stage in the device’s lifecycle. 

Hardware-based management of roots-of-trust 

Isolates root platform keys and certificates from any software in the device. CryptoCell also supports a secure asset provisioning process, preserving the integrity and confidentiality of the data even in untrusted environments.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Connected intelligence across the home, including smart meters, connected lighting, connected appliances, and much more. 

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The Arm CryptoCell family offers an outstanding level of security to target a broad set of threats, while offering high performance, low power consumption, and a small footprint.

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