The Arm ecosystem ships a record 6.7 billion Arm-based chips in a single quarter

February 11, 2021

In the fourth quarter of 2020 (Arm FY Q320):

  • Arm reported its silicon partners shipped in the prior quarter a record 6.7 billion Arm-based chips, which equates to ~842 chips shipped per second. To-date, Arm partners have shipped more than 180 billion Arm-based chips
  • Arm continues to be the leading architecture for IoT and embedded devices with a record 4.4 billion chips based on Arm Cortex-M reported as shipped in the quarter
  • Arm Mali graphics processors remain the number one shipping GPU

The Arm ecosystem continues to grow, with Arm partners signing a record 175 new licenses in calendar year (CY) 2020, bringing the total to 1,910 licenses and 530 licensees.

Arm ecosystem continues to grow

Included within the record shipments are Arm Mali-based graphics processors which have been the number one shipping GPU since 2015.

Rene Haas “The record 6.7 billion Arm-based chip shipments we saw reported last quarter is testament to the incredible innovation of our partners: from technology inside the world’s number one supercomputer down to the tiniest ultra-low power devices.

The Arm ecosystem continues to be at the center of the IoT revolution as many of the record 4.4 billion Cortex-M processors reported as shipped last quarter enable billions of IoT devices. The growth in Arm-based intelligent embedded solutions has been staggering as demand for more ubiquitous endpoint intelligence is skyrocketing.

Looking ahead, we expect to see increased adoption of Arm IP as we signed a record 175 licenses in 2020, many of those signed by first-time Arm partners. This is fantastic evidence of the strength of our IP roadmap and Arm Total Compute, a transformative approach to SoC design based on use case driven system solutions.

From the cloud to the endpoint, we are providing our ecosystem with the secure building blocks needed for their unique solutions, and together we are setting the course for the future of computing.”

Rene Haas, President, IP Products Group, Arm

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