Meet Bastien: ARM PIPD Memory Graduate Engineer

Degree: M.S Major in Microelectronics

Engineering School: Polytech' Marseille

I initially joined ARM as an Intern working within the Physical IP Division (PIPD) memory team. During this training period I’ve investigated some new memory micro-architecture and demonstrated that two selected structures were physically feasible and linked to competition footprints. One of these ideas has been applied for a patent.

At the time I decided to work for ARM because it was one of the few companies which offered the opportunity to work within an international environment on interesting areas such as processors, graphic cores and memories. Half a year later my opinion about ARM hadn't changed, quite the contrary! I learned a lot during my training period in terms of technical skills, work methodologies and the culture of the company. So when I was offered the opportunity to stay at ARM as a Memory Graduate Engineer I didn't need much time to make a decision.

I joined ARM's Physical IP Division (PIPD) as a Memory Graduate Engineer in September 2008. PIPD's main goal is to provide the three types of IPs (standard cellsI/Os and memories) on each technologic node. Since the beginning of my working life at ARM I have worked on two main projects. Firstly, I was involved in the development of a memory compiler based on SOI technology. My main areas of work were to understand the memory architecture, put into practice new verification tools, verify design functionality and reliability and to support my colleagues during error solving processes. This product will be released to customers soon.

Currently I am working on a project related to another memory compiler. Due to a transistor model update I will manage the electrical characterisation process. One of the key aspects of ARM's support structure for graduates is that everybody in your team is pleased to provide you with help. At the same time you can get training in order to develop your area of expertise and your knowledge of the company. For example I had the opportunity to attend an internal conference which allowed me to discover all the current innovative projects being carried out by ARM.

There are several social activities at ARM. There is a dedicated induction process with two events in order to allow newcomers to discover ARM's working environment and meet colleagues from other locations. We also have a design centre meal which happens every 6 months. Finally, we also have a work council which organises sporting activities such as karting, rafting or snow-specific activities.


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