Advanced Embedded Systems on Arm Professional Certificate

The emergence of advanced embedded systems applications powered by IoT, machine learning (ML) and edge computing is changing the way we collect and optimize the data gathered from the world around us.

By deploying the connectivity of IoT, the insights enabled by ML and the ubiquity of edge computing, this data can be processed efficiently, and interpreted at speed and volume, to create new and innovative human experiences.

The ‘Advanced Embedded Systems on Arm Professional Certificate’ provides you with the key to unlock the potential of this exciting new technology in the world of computer science.

In part 1 of the program, we give you an overview of the fundamentals of IoT, but quickly move to practical projects that teach you the essentials of building Arm-based IoT applications. This is the perfect gateway for beginners looking to enter the transformational world of IoT.



Part 2 of the program builds upon the knowledge acquired in the first online course and combines this with new skills focusing on how to train ML models and implement them at the ‘edge’ using industry-relevant Arm-based microcontrollers. We take you through the basics of AI, ML, and ML at the edge and then introduce you to the concept of datasets and how to train ML algorithms using tools like Anaconda and Python. Next, we explore advanced topics, such as artificial neural networks and computer vision.



By acquiring the essential skills required to successfully develop advanced embedded systems applications, you can take the next step in becoming part of a vibrant community of innovators. Help build the future of computing on Arm and enroll in our Advanced Embedded Systems on Arm Professional Certificate today!