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Learning Paths

Learning paths are created by Arm and the Arm software developer community to solve problems developers face while developing on and for Arm.

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Arm Experts

Arm’s own subject-matter experts are here to help, providing development guidance and support for developers building on Arm.

Ben Clark

Staff Software Engineer

Ben Clark is an Arm Staff Software Engineer and developer advocate, researching and publishing the best use of Arm technologies in consumer devices. He has a graphics background and a keen interest in machine learning.

David Whaley

Director, Strategic Partnerships for Arm’s Client Ecosystem & Engineering team

Dave has a background in building, influencing and connecting software ecosystems for client devices from mobiles to laptops.

Gemma Paris

Senior Manager, Developer Marketing

Gemma researches and manages the delivery of Arm educational content for WoA, as well as liaises with Linaro’s Open Source WoA project deliveries, and other third-party developer coding for WoA.

Gabriel Peterson

Senior Developer Evangelist

Gabriel Peterson is a Senior Developer Evangelist who is dedicated to empowering developers to build on Arm using his experience in WoA, SBCs, and .Net Core on Arm, among others.

Arm Developer Program

The Arm Developer Program brings together developers from across the globe, providing a space to learn from leading experts, make use of the latest tools and software, and network with like-minded members. Our vibrant developer community is the ideal place to share ideas, projects, trends, ask questions, and interact with peers.

Discord Community

The Arm Discord server is a great place to collaborate with like-minded developers and build professional networks across the vast Arm software community and hardware ecosystem. Gain access to Arm experts, open-source projects, and exclusive news and events.

Innovation Coffee 系列

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