The worldwide decline in biological diversity is not only endangering the environment, but also food security and the quality of life of humans and animals. The decline in the number of insects is intensifying this phenomenon, but the development of targeted countermeasures requires an understanding of the complex causes and their interrelationships, which does not yet exist.

The apic.ai company has developed monitoring technology which enables the use of honey bees as bio-sensors. First, bees are visually detected when entering and leaving their hives. Next, the image data collected during this process is analyzed using AI methods. The data can be used to gain insights into the activity and the collection or pollination behaviour of the colonies.

Ecotoxicologists and other scientists can use the apic.ai technology to generate a reliable data basis. Based on the measured values, it is possible to determine how pesticides and various environmental factors contribute to insect mortality. In addition, the development of bee colonies and their food supply can be recorded locally in cooperation with companies and cities, and the knowledge gained can be used to improve the habitat for insects in a targeted manner.

Source: Google

Smart Hive Monitor


Nordic Semiconductor

apic.ai designed the board using a Nordic Semicondoctor nRF52840 for performance and power efficiency.



NVIDIA Jetson Nano is responsible for the computer vision tasks.

Arm Technology

Arm Cortex-A57 and Cortex-M4

Arm Cortex-A57 and Cortex-M4 enable apic.ai to analyze the amount of bees, movement paths, and registered pollen. Image data is transferred to the cloud.

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