Changing the game for cloud computing with Neoverse

March 03, 2020

By Chris Bergey, SVP and GM, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm

At the launch of Arm Neoverse, we recognized that building the cloud-to-edge infrastructure needed for one trillion intelligent devices would require a broad ecosystem with technology, expertise, and commitment to transform the internet. The intention for Neoverse has always been to enable a high-performing, flexible cloud-to-edge infrastructure built for the next era of compute; but when we take a step back to think about what “one trillion devices” looks like, it is incredible to realize the amount of data that will need to be processed as a result.

The existing infrastructure is not ready for what’s next. Computing as we know it is changing. It’s expanding and happening at multiple layers from cloud to edge to endpoint, emphasizing the need for a nimble and strong infrastructure ready to take on more data processing than ever before.

Our Neoverse product portfolio delivers incredibly strong performance-per-watt for cloud-to-edge workloads, as evidenced by the expanding ecosystem and many partners who have adopted Neoverse products and solutions since the launch in 2018. Today, we are proud to say the expanding ecosystem of Neoverse partners now includes Ampere, who has announced the industry’s first 80-core server processor which is based on the Neoverse N1 Platform!

Ampere’s Altra server processor news is more than just a milestone for Arm in the data center; it is a turning point for the industry in terms of what is possible in data center computing. Today’s announcement demonstrates the power of building the right compute for the right applications. Ampere took the N1 platform and integrated its own innovations to design an SoC uniquely built for applications across hyperscale cloud and edge markets, while bringing it to market quickly to address evolving compute requirements.

The importance of scalability and flexibility

By 2021, it is expected that 94% of workloads and compute instances will be processed by cloud data centers, requiring massive amounts of processing for popular applications like video streaming, Internet search, and social networking, and do so within the power availability envelope. Looking ahead, the processing requirements are even greater as faster 5G networks are deployed and billions of smartphones become enabled with ultra-high definition (UHD) or 4K viewing capabilities, for example. When you factor in all the compute required to ensure a flawless end-user experience, while also using compute cycles to process and analyze the data being generated and process it closer to the user, maintaining strong performance at very low power levels is imperative. This was the guiding principle when designing Neoverse IP.

Today, we’re seeing the capabilities of Neoverse come to life combined with Ampere innovations in the Altra processor which delivers the performance-per-watt, flexibility and scalability to address a diverse suite of compute intensive cloud applications to edge analytics. To ensure efficient scalability, the Ampere Altra processor uses the highly scalable Arm CMN-600 mesh interconnect, ensuring its robust 80-core design is optimized for maximum performance. Additionally, Ampere has utilized our SBSA/SBBR specifications, with a goal to achieve Server Ready certification later this year, to ensure Altra is fully compliant with the Arm architecture so its system partners, ISVs and developers have a seamless out-of-the-box experience.

Choice in transforming the modern cloud-to-edge infrastructure

Arm and Ampere share a common goal of providing the industry the choice and flexibility it has long been deprived of. Building on top of Arm Neoverse platform enables ecosystem innovation and a cadence previously unseen in enterprise infrastructure.  Ampere recognizes this and have committed to a roadmap with annual cadence of new products. We look forward to doing our part in enabling this rapid pace of innovation.  

Together, with ecosystem partners like Ampere, we’re challenging the status quo with Arm-based silicon solutions primed to transform the modern cloud to edge infrastructure. I, along with the entire team at Arm, congratulate Ampere on this industry milestone!

Chelsea Vincent

Senior Manager, PR and Analyst Relations
+1 512 298 8188

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