The Number One Debugger for C, C++ and Fortran Threaded and Parallel Code

Arm DDT is the number one debugger in research, industry, and academia for software engineers and scientists developing C++, C, Fortran parallel and threaded applications on CPUs, GPUs, Intel and Arm. Arm DDT is trusted as a powerful tool for automatic detection of memory bugs and divergent behavior to achieve lightning-fast performance at all scales.

Arm DDT Makes Debugging Faster

  • Cross-platform for the HPC architectures
  • Has market leading memory debugging
  • Outstanding C++ debugging support
  • Complete Fortran debugging support
  • Has an offline mode for debugging non-interactively
  • Handles and visualizes huge data sets
With Arm DDT, debugging is fast and enjoyable. It’s easy to just pick up – it is outstanding for debugging multithreaded and parallel software. 
Neil Catling, Chief Software Scientist
What Is Arm DDT

Arm DDT is the debugger for software engineers and scientists developing C++, C or Fortran parallel and threaded applications on CPUs, GPUs and Intel Xeon Phi. Its powerful intuitive graphical interface with automatic detection of memory bugs, divergent behavior and lightning-fast performance at all scales combine to make Arm DDT the number one debugger in research, industry and academia.

Case Study

Helping to Improve the Pace and Precision of Forecasting

Being one of the very few parallel debuggers, Arm DDT is able to debug code for weather forecasting and climate modelling. Arm DDT lowers the risk of major changes during code development – by working with software version control systems to automatically log values of variables across all processes at each changed section of code.

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  • Powerful reports for analyzing application performance at scale
  • Arm hardware-optimized commercial compiler and performance libraries
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