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Build reliable and optimized code for the right results on multiple Server and HPC architectures, from the latest compilers and C++ standards to Intel, 64-bit Arm, AMD, OpenPOWER and Nvidia GPU hardware. Arm Forge combines Arm DDT, the leading debugger for time-saving high performance application debugging, Arm MAP, the trusted performance profiler for invaluable optimization advice across native and Python HPC codes, and Arm Performance Reports for advanced reporting capabilities. Arm DDT and Arm MAP are also available as standalone products.

Optimize on any Platform with Arm Forge

Efficient application development for Linux Server and HPC with Full technical support from Arm experts.


Arm DDT 

Market leading, speed debug for Linux, Fortran, C, C++ and Python HPC.



Profile high-performance applications with customizable metrics.


Arm Performance Reports

Spot bottlenecks at a glance to optimize performance.
* in Arm Forge Ultimate only

Features and Benefits

Cross Platform

Moving to a new architecture or system is challenging enough without having to learn a new tool chain at the same time. Arm DDT, MAP and Performance Reports run everywhere — on your own laptop, the latest supercomputer, and tomorrow's upcoming architectures. With Forge you can automatically detect memory bugs, profile behavior and see advanced performance metrics at all scales on Arm 64-bit, Intel Xeon, NVIDIA GPUs , and OpenPOWER.

Fast Debug

Arm DDT is the debugger of choice for developing of C++, C or Fortran parallel, and threaded applications on CPUs, and GPUs. Its powerful intuitive graphical interface helps you easily detect memory bugs and divergent behavior at all scales, making Arm DDT the number one debugger in research, industry and academia.

Low-overhead Profiling

Profile your code without distorting application behavior. Arm MAP is Arm Forge's scalable low-overhead profiler of C++, C, Cuda, Fortran and Python with no instrumentation or code changes required. It helps developers accelerate their code by revealing the causes of slow performance. From multicore Linux workstations to the largest supercomputers, you can profile realistic test cases with typically less than 5% runtime overhead.

Short Learning Curve

Arm DDT offers a powerful intuitive GUI that sets the standard for multi-process and multi-threaded debugging. Complex software debugging is made simple whether you're working on a PC or offline, with the help of zero-click variable comparisons, built-in memory debugging, and powerful array visualizations — for today's increasingly parallel processors, clusters, and supercomputers. 

Wide Issue Coverage

Arm MAP exposes a wide set of performance indicators, including MPI metrics, PAPI counters, IO  metrics, energy metrics and even your own custom metrics. Profile computation (with self and child and call tree representations over time), thread activity (to identify over-subscribed cores and sleeping threads that waste CPU time for OpenMP and pthreads), instruction types, as well as synchronization and I/O performance.

Single and Multi Threaded Profiling

Arm MAP profiles parallel, multithreaded, and single threaded C, C++, Fortran, F90 and Python codes, providing in-depth analysis and bottleneck pinpointing to the source line. Unlike most profilers , it can profile pthreads, OpenMP or MPI for parallel and threaded code, including communication and workload imbalance issues for MPI and multi-process codes.

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Arm Forge Editions


Arm Forge  
Scalable debugging  ⚫  ⚫
Scalable profiling
 ⚫   ⚫
Memory debugging  ⚫   ⚫
CPU, MPI, I/O profiling  ⚫
Native remote client
Version control integration
 ⚫  ⚫
Python debug and profiling for HPC
 ⚫  ⚫
Regional profiling with Caliper


CPU hardware counters (1)    ⚫
Full GPU profiling and debugging
 Optional extra  ⚫
Energy performance metrics
Custom metrics API

Performance report generation

Application efficiency advice


(1) Support for both PAPI and the Linux Performance interface available.

Case Studies

Software Development

By analyzing issues that slow simulations, Arm tools help improve the throughput of computer aided engineering software on supercomputers and clusters. Specifically tailored to parallel and high performance code, the tools help ISVs, open source developers, and in-house code teams increase the throughput, reliability, and scalability of their software.

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